The Ten-Minute-Cycle Workout

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Hello again!  For today’s Wednesday Workout, I will take six of the core and shoulder exercises that have been most effective for me and combine them into one awesome training session.  This is meant to be a power workout; so focus on quality, not quantity.  The alternating ten minutes of core and shoulders will ensure full recovery, so that you can try your hardest for the next ten minute bout of shoulder/core exercises.  Do each exercise for ten minutes each; the whole workout should take about an hour.  Remember to warm up thoroughly before starting, and drink a bit of water between ten minute sections.

  • Assisted one-arm pull-ups: Place one hand in the lowest feature of a hangboard, and the other on a jug.  Perform your max amount of pull-ups.  Switch positions and repeat.  Rest for the remainder of the minute and then restart.  Remember to switch which arm you begin with for an even workout.
  • Knee raises: Dead hang on a hangboard and perform 20 knee raises.  Rest for ten seconds, still hanging, and repeat.  After one minute is up, rest for thirty seconds and restart.
  • Weight raises: Grab a ten pound weight with your right arm and hold it at about head height, elbow bent.  Lift it straight up above your head ten times, then switch arms and repeat.  Continue till ten minutes is up.
  • Bicycle crunches (described in the post The V13 Workout): Do ten on one side, then switch sides, and continue.  After you’ve done twenty per side, rest for thirty seconds and restart.
  • Ninety degree lock-offs: Do a pull-up and lock off at ninety degrees.  Hold for as long as you can, rest for a minute, and repeat.
  • V-ups (described in the post The V13 Workout): Do fifteen of these, rest for thirty seconds, and repeat.

Have fun with this workout!  Post in the comments to let me know how it went.

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