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Past the Edge of My Comfort Zone – The Best Place to Be

I’ve been on vacation in the Outer Banks, NC, and so far it’s been absolutely amazing.  My last rest week from climbing was way back in March, and this break has been long overdue.  Since I have a terrible time … Continue reading

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Competition Season!

It’s competition season!  Well, almost.  The ABS 14 season is just around the corner; September will bring the start of another round of comps.  Now, for those of us who enjoy competing, we know it’s a special thing.  There’s nothing … Continue reading

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Good Climbing Foods

Today I will continue my Saturday series on a healthy diet for rock climbers.  I found this article on Urban Climbing, and it pretty much sums up the best diet for a climber. Rock climbing is definitely an intensive sport … Continue reading

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A Climber’s Diet

Hello everyone!  Today’s the first Friday Facts!  On this day, I will post climbing lingo and health tips.  This Friday, the climbing word of today is a frog step, found on Frog Step A frontal body position in which … Continue reading

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